How a friend tended my spirit as she taught me about gardening.

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I say I’m a self-taught gardener, but that is incorrect. I first fell in love with gardening when visiting a neighbor’s garden. My friend Glennis gave me my first gardening lessons.

Seemingly a strong independent person, the truth is I was an injured bird, not raised but grown up in poverty. I hid a deep reservoir of pain from abandonment and various tortures. Having no interest in pity for myself, I kept busy and found joy in my child and the things I could learn and do.

But injured birds are fragile.

It was over 50 years ago. I hadn’t…

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The Daily Cuppa is closing while we deal with someone who is harassing a number of us.

Scheduled stories will go out. I’m in contact with Medium staff about the issue. Until we can open our doors again submit your wonderful stories to The Shortform or Everything Shortform. Both are excellent short-form publications.

You may submit to The Daily Cuppa if you don’t mind waiting until we can be back on Medium. We hope that is very soon. We have been working on fun plans for October — think ghost stories, fall mood, witchy fun, scary movies, and ideas for…

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The best way to end a hard day is with a lovely and kind story — meet our The Daily Cuppa writer, Barb Dalton:

I met Barbara through her About Me story, where she asked for help writing more concisely. I invited her to write for the Cuppa. She was a natural. I love the spontaneity in her stories.

And she started a publication!

Barbara does not boast, but she has the most views for any short-form story on Medium at 5.9K views.

I love that Barb stays humble even though she is one of Medium's top earners. She writes honest stories and is a vigorous supporter of other writers.

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My tweeting your stories is likely to become more effective — might take a bit, but I’ll get there. Ellie Jacobson will get me there.

Thus far, I tweet some of your stories, like, and retweet. I fuss over hashtags and such but I’m still clueless. Except for a few categories like ‘writers’. And we are getting some reads from Twitter. But I want to help more people find your stories.

Ellie just published another excellent how-to at The Daily Cuppa Grande. Oh my word, it’s got a lot in it.

Check her story out and take time to let her know you read it and leave questions. When I asked Ellie Jacobson to help us I had no idea she’d get so into supporting our writers. HINT-she has ideas.

Thank you all! xoxo


The Daily Cuppa presents a selection of 150-word stories for your binge-reading pleasure.

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I like to escape from my busy days with a few minutes of light reading. Often I don’t have time to stick my nose in a novel. Remember the days when we had stacks of magazines? Yes, the olden days. I miss flipping through the pages and reading a little of this and a bit of that.

I’ve pulled a few of our stories about critters for you to flip through as you take a few minutes to relax with your favorite beverage.


Susan Alison


Jane Grows Garden Rooms (Jane Frost)

Ellie Jacobson

Jennifer Dunne

Penny Grubb

AC Troi

Kim Zuch

Boedi Andriani Ontowiryo

Karen Schwartz

Katie Michaelson

I’m a retired therapist who specialised in parenting. I write on the edge of verse and prose about plants and people and simple things.

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