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Katie Michaelson
10 min readMar 25, 2024
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When I started writing on Medium in 2020, publication owners would leave a private notes on my articles telling me they loved my work and inviting me to write for their publication.

Boy did my head swell. I felt honored. Wow, maybe I can write!

I was getting thousands of views on my pieces. So I am. I am a good writer. No, I wasn’t. I was lucky I wrote things readers wanted to know about — true. But my read ratio sucked.

Why did publication owners want me? They wanted everyone. It’s a way to build a publication. No interest in the writer once the publication got on its feet.

Mostly, the publications failed. Last year I went around removing stories from dead publications.

And worse, one pub owner copied my work and published it in an Indian publication, not Medium related. Just theft.

When I get ticked off, I help others avoid the mistakes I made. It’s the big sister in me.



Katie Michaelson

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