No one diet fits all so we’re featuring stories about plants used for healthy teas and recipes from diverse cultures and styles.

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“Herbs and plants and recipes — oh my!” Here’s to your appetite for all things healthy and good from our homes to yours.

As we travel together from home to home, we’ll share stories about herbs, plants, recipes, and more that build our health and strengthen our human community.



To move past the idea of dieting and a one diet fits all approach, we feature stories, information, and recipes about herbs, veggies, fruits, and more from authors with diverse specialties.

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Welcome to The Daily Cuppa Walkabout, where our writers will share stories from their homes to your home — from their gardens to your garden.

We chose Walkabout because it implies traveling close to the earth to various places observing, finding, and learning.

As we travel together from home to…

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I’d just got back from my walk to my friend Shirley’s (87) and look at what I found on Medium:

It’s a well-written and interesting story by Shiwangi dwivedi that taught me a few things about the cuddly little Koala. So I read some more stories by Shiwangi and bookmarked one with an image I want to use for this year's tree paintings.

After enjoying a number of reads, I looked up to check out the profile. 48 followers, so you might want to check out the story and see if you want to help this writer get to the magic 100 followers mark.

I’ll tell you what I learned at Shirley's later. I gotta go rake leaves.

Image by Julie Gaeta and Katie Michaelson in Canva

I know you need some laughs — here’s today's attempt. For some real giggles, head over to The Cuppa Grande for our latest binge read.

Mistakes Made Before Coffee

  1. Coffee beans put into the french press before grinding.
  2. Hot water poured into the cup rather than the press.
  3. Grounds put into the mug.
  4. Coffee poured into a mug half full of yesterday’s leftover herb tea.
  5. Boiling water poured into the nice clean press — minus the coffee.


If these mistakes occur on occasion, you’re normal. Just chalk it up to being sleepy.

If one of these mistakes occurs once a week, take some CoQ10 and ginkgo.

If these mistakes happen in the evening; stop with the wine all day. Coffee in the morning — wine at night — sheesh.

If these errors occur on the same morning, don’t tell anyone!

For the real laughs — head to The Grande.

Katie Michaelson

I’m a retired therapist who specialised in parenting. I write on the edge of verse and prose about plants and people and simple things.

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